Endings I lived my whole lifeto get to this ledge,this precipicethat I am ready to spring forth,carry on,leave all else behind me.There is no sound hereno sights,no smells.It is nothing, the nowhereThe Big Empty.Profound solitudeSilence that crushes,compacts,makes life smallThe end of the worldgreets all withnothingMaking it possible to leaveEverythingbehind. The Loud Silence Where is thereContinue reading “POEMS”

If Emerson Were Alive Today

When Emerson said that “America is a poem in our eyes,” he was referring to its expansive geography that seemingly goes on forever. To Emerson, all of America was yet to be discovered, and he thrilled at the prospect of seeing new things. Today, everyone has seen the America that Emerson was dreaming of, andContinue reading “If Emerson Were Alive Today”