A Random Selection of Words

In honor of my new travel memoir being released last week, I decided to scroll through it until I said “stop” to myself and post whatever words I landed on. I ended up somewhere in the middle of Chapter Six where I was lonely in Dijon: Being alone doesn’t depress me, but loneliness does. IContinue reading “A Random Selection of Words”

Time Traveled

I am happy to announce that my new Travel Memoir TIME TRAVELED is released today! Ebook (0.99¢ – release price) and print ($9.99) available! Whoo-hoo!!!! Buy it either at Amazon or at most major retailers. About TIME TRAVELED: GENRE: Non-fiction. Adult. Autobiographical Travel Literature, Memoir, Pragmatist Philosophy BRIEF SYNOPSIS: TIME TRAVELED is a compendium of travel stories collectedContinue reading “Time Traveled”

Western Purgatories

I have a new travel memoir coming out soon. It’s about going places and doing things. Mostly, though, it’s about learning new topics. It’s a very non-fiction-y book for people who like that kind of thing. Everyone goes on and on about how great fiction is. Me? I think the best stories are the onesContinue reading “Western Purgatories”

Western Lamentations

No Longer The old West is not old anymore.  The Wild West is no  longer  wild.  The old West is the New West  and the New West is empty. Anyone itching to read some FREE poetry today? PAST POETRY is a collection of poems for history lovers, environmentalists, vagabonds, and those with broken hearts. click here forContinue reading “Western Lamentations”

The Trip That Never Was Day 10

My husband and I had a trip booked to Ireland in June 2020. Due to Covid, the trip never happened. For a myriad of reasons, it’s a trip that likely won’t happen any time soon. I’ve pulled up my old itinerary, and I’m going to explore as much of this holiday as virtually as IContinue reading “The Trip That Never Was Day 10”

Notre-Dame de Paris

Notre Dame was once new about a thousand years ago. Its cornerstone was laid in the year 1163, and the final carvings were completed in about the year 1300. It took nearly two hundred years for Notre Dame to be officially complete. Yet, the Notre Dame we see today is not the same Notre DameContinue reading “Notre-Dame de Paris”

Lonely, but not

Ghost towns are curious places because they feel a bit off. Humans don’t like to fail, and placing oneself inside a city that didn’t quite make it translates as somewhat jarring to the human psyche. Abandoned cities tend to make one feel a bit fritzy inside, and there is something about that strange feeling thatContinue reading “Lonely, but not”