A samurai’s mind

It is known that samurais didn’t have a religion so much as they had a way of life. As practitioners of Zen Buddhism, samurais trained their minds just as rigorously as they trained their bodies and thoughts about religion were mostly restricted to lessons about how to not fear death. A samurai mind was trainedContinue reading “A samurai’s mind”

Free Book Promo!

I am currently running a promo on Smashwords for my latest travel memoir. The eBook can be purchased for FREE using a coupon! Click here! Time Traveled Series: Memory Road Trip Series, Book 2 by Krista Marson TIME TRAVELED is a highly entertaining compendium of travel stories retold by an inquisitive adventurer. Themes such as nature, history, andContinue reading “Free Book Promo!”

The Art of Nothingness

The Banksy painting that sensationally self-destructed three years ago after selling for $1.4 million at auction was resold by Sotheby’s Thursday for 18.6 million pounds, or $25.4 million dollars in Oct 2021. At the time of the shredding incident, Alex Branczik, Sotheby’s head of contemporary art, Europe, said: “Banksy didn’t destroy an artwork in the auction, heContinue reading “The Art of Nothingness”

Pompeii Amphitheatre

The Pompeii Amphitheatre was buried by Mt. Vesuvius. It is known to have been one of the earliest Roman amphitheaters built of stone; previously, they were built out of wood. The building was immortalized in a fresco when an artist depicted a riot that happened outside its walls after a particularly feisty game. The brawlContinue reading “Pompeii Amphitheatre”

Caspar David Friedrich

Everyone has their favorite artist, some artist that they connect to in their heart. Some people adore Monet for his colors, some love Van Gogh for his vitality, and some might love Picasso just because they know of no other artist. For myself, it is Caspar David Friedrich whom I fell for because I amContinue reading “Caspar David Friedrich”

ode to museums

I enjoy museums because I enjoy history. I am a proponent of the maxim of “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it” (George Santayana) Every generation goes through very similar life cycles and so often the same mistakes get repeated albeit with updated flourishes. It’s interesting to recognize these patterns. WarsContinue reading “ode to museums”