Memory Road Trip

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TIME TRAVELED: Release date March 7, 2023!

Time Traveled is available as e-book or paperback! Buy it either at Amazon or at most major retailers.

A lovely and lyrical compendium that’s both poetic and humorous, autobiographical and devotional. Above all, Marson’s collection wonderfully shows a clear love of travel and the places where we sometimes find ourselves either by accident or by design and is a beautiful and compelling read for anyone looking to see the world through new eyes.

-BookLife Prize Review

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MEMORY ROAD TRIP: A Retrospective Travel Journey

Memory Road Trip is available as e-book or paperback! Buy it either at Amazon or at most major retailers.

A collection of travel stories ranging from the sublime to the surreal as recounted by a former travel agent who saw the world on the cheap. The journey down memory road is a heartfelt excursion into the past that takes armchair explorers on an odyssey of life, love, and loneliness. Life itself is a journey of its own, and those who embark on a MEMORY ROAD TRIP will spend a large portion of it with a significant other. The story of the author’s tormented relationship serves as a backdrop to many of the tales as the novel spans from the early ’90s to the fall of the Twin Towers. The author’s passion for nature, art, history, and architecture gush across the page, along with her contagious curiosity in life and her pragmatic acceptance of death. The writer does not shy away from her developing political and environmental musings, for traveling opens her eyes to see a fragile and connected world.

About The Writer Behind The Book:

I wrote something that I think, wait, I know that people will want to read. I have 25+ years of traveling under my belt and many interesting stories to share. I think that I’m a good storyteller and I have a creative perspective on things. I am not afraid to lay myself bare and open myself up to self-scrutiny. I am relatable. I am not perfect, and I fully embrace my faults. I am that quiet person that hangs out in the back that once you start talking to her, you realize she has been silently scrutinizing everything. I am opinionated but reserved. I am the person that everyone thinks they know, until they realize that they don’t. I am that person you see all alone with a notebook, sketching. When I go to Europe, I don’t return with souvenirs. I come home with notebooks filled with drawings and words.


“The author mixes personal stories with more factual description of the places she has visited while traveling and sometimes she comments on the situation the world was in at the time she visited these places. The places she visited are described lively but it made me also curious and I got side-tracked quite often when I wanted to know more, this let me into all kinds off internet searches and I learned a lot more then she could ever put in this book. She opened the door and it is up to you if you want to know more.” -Public Reviewer

“A soulful, often touching and funny soul-searching romp through time…looking for an insurmountable beginning somewhere that always seems elusive, Marson’s many tales provide a thoughtful stepping-stone for both the seasoned and armchair traveler alike while also providing insights into her life and the lives of many in her generation and others.” -Public Reviewer

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