I lived my whole life
to get to this ledge,
this precipice
that I am ready to spring forth,
carry on,
leave all else behind me.
There is no sound here
no sights,
no smells.
It is nothing, the nowhere
The Big Empty.
Profound solitude
Silence that crushes,
makes life small
The end of the world
greets all with
Making it possible to leave

The Loud Silence

Where is there in the
Where the precipice drops
empty hearts
and quiet lives.
Lonely eyes
reflecting the past of
memories that never happened.
Listening to sounds
no one has ever heard and
words that were never
Echoes in the shadows
figures reflected on moons
of objects that only exist
in the mind.
Silence that is heard
so poignant in its


People sooner believe
in the unknown of
than the Reality


At my death
I was told to choose
my eternity.
I chose Peace
among the space I
never knew.
Residing with the stars
eternal resident, becoming
part nebula.
No longer being
human at all, but rather
now creation.
Space, so quiet
so nothing like the earth had
ever offered.
Understanding the universe
was to become my eternal
innate desire.
My existence
My mind
Eternally new
Eternally molding
I will expand
I will grow
I am now
A universe.

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Published by Krista Marson

Hi, my name is Krista, and I'm a traveling fiend. I am passionate about history, nature, art, gardening, writing, and watching movies. I created this blog to let people know I have some travel novels available to read. Enjoy!

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