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The Simple Life

The idea of living a simple life intrigues me. With the future looking rather grim, I’ve started to think about ways to live more simply. The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t going to end anytime soon, so I’ve started to think of simple ways to maintain my existence. So, what is a simple life? By my ownContinue reading “The Simple Life”


Definition: The gradual change of a region from a wetter to a drier climate. The American West is drying out. I live in one of the states where this is a concern, but most people I know aren’t talking about it. It’s almost as though people don’t want to know that water is depleting. As longContinue reading “Aridification”

Scared of Summer

WILDFIRES IN THE AMERICAN WEST The above photo is an image of a burned cholla cactus. I took this photo after the Sears fire ripped through its habitat in September 2020. The Sears Fire burned through nearly 14,500 acres (22.65 sq miles) over the course of a week. It’s hard for me to conceptualize whatContinue reading “Scared of Summer”

Cool Cacti

The world is heating up, so now is a good time to become familiar with the wonderful world of cacti! Living in the American Southwest has made me appreciate the tenacity of these amazing plants and has led me to learn more about them. I amassed a small online collection of favorite specimens that IContinue reading “Cool Cacti”


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Stream of Consciousness Writings

So, I’ve written a book. Yea, me! Now, I have to write a blog. Yea, me? A big part of me doesn’t want to bother, but a small part of me actually does. So, I’ve given in to the part of me that wants to do this, and I am curious to see where this blog goes. I don’t anticipate that there will be a rhyme or a reason to anything that I’ll write here, but will rather be a constant flow of some thoughts.

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