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Newest Acquisition

Pictured above is what a mature Cascalote (caesalpinia cacalaco) looks like. Pictured below is what my three-year-old Cascalote looks like now: And here’s what it looked like when I first planted it last year: One of the greatest joys of gardening is watching trees grow. I planted all of the trees in my yard as…

Writing Dreams

Not being famous is hard. I want to quit my day job and support myself as a writer. I’ve written two books and published an anthology of poems. Unfortunately, not many people are reading them. I’ve entered contests and won none. I’ve solicited bloggers for reviews and got no replies. I’ve sent query letters to…

What is Art Anymore?

So, my husband showed me a video the other day. It was a montage of artistic movements throughout history as interpreted by A.I. (artificial intelligence). The video starts off normally enough with images of Ice Age cave art before it morphs into Ancient Egyptian Art, Greek Art, Roman Art, Christian Art, Renaissance Art, Romantic Art,…

Western Lamentations

No Longer The old West is not old anymore.  The Wild West is no  longer  wild.  The old West is the New West  and the New West is empty. Anyone itching to read some FREE poetry today? PAST POETRY is a collection of poems for history lovers, environmentalists, vagabonds, and those with broken hearts. click here for…


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