A Random Selection of Words

In honor of my new travel memoir being released last week, I decided to scroll through it until I said “stop” to myself and post whatever words I landed on. I ended up somewhere in the middle of Chapter Six where I was lonely in Dijon: Being alone doesn’t depress me, but loneliness does. IContinue reading “A Random Selection of Words”

Time Traveled

I am happy to announce that my new Travel Memoir TIME TRAVELED is released today! Ebook (0.99ยข – release price) and print ($9.99) available! Whoo-hoo!!!! Buy it either at Amazon or at most major retailers. About TIME TRAVELED: GENRE: Non-fiction. Adult. Autobiographical Travel Literature, Memoir, Pragmatist Philosophy BRIEF SYNOPSIS: TIME TRAVELED is a compendium of travel stories collectedContinue reading “Time Traveled”