Corpse Flower is in Bloom at Huntington Gardens Today!

I was just there a few days ago and saw this amazing plant getting ready to bloom: Here is a neat diagram from the Huntington Garden’s website that shows this plant’s life cycle: And here is a photo I took of this plant in its leaf stage: I wish that L.A. wasn’t a seven hourContinue reading “Corpse Flower is in Bloom at Huntington Gardens Today!”

The Wonderful World of Succulents part 3

One of my pandemic pastimes has been learning about succulents. I started with cacti and now I have moved on to succulents (to be clear, all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti). All succulents are defined as water-storing plants, for the word “succulent” comes from Latin word “sucus,” meaning juice or sap.Continue reading “The Wonderful World of Succulents part 3”

Blossom Viewing

Japanese culture fascinates me. I am fascinated by their love of art, poetry, gardening, anime, food, and everything weird or cute. There is just something different about how the Japanese perceive the world, and there is almost no detail they overlooked. Moreover, I am fascinated by their love of cherry blossoms. A culture that embracesContinue reading “Blossom Viewing”