Newest Acquisition

Pictured above is what a mature Cascalote (caesalpinia cacalaco) looks like. Pictured below is what my three-year-old Cascalote looks like now: And here’s what it looked like when I first planted it last year: One of the greatest joys of gardening is watching trees grow. I planted all of the trees in my yard asContinue reading “Newest Acquisition”

Corpse Flower is in Bloom at Huntington Gardens Today!

I was just there a few days ago and saw this amazing plant getting ready to bloom: Here is a neat diagram from the Huntington Garden’s website that shows this plant’s life cycle: And here is a photo I took of this plant in its leaf stage: I wish that L.A. wasn’t a seven hourContinue reading “Corpse Flower is in Bloom at Huntington Gardens Today!”

The Wonderful World of Succulents part 3

One of my pandemic pastimes has been learning about succulents. I started with cacti and now I have moved on to succulents (to be clear, all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti). All succulents are defined as water-storing plants, for the word “succulent” comes from Latin word “sucus,” meaning juice or sap.Continue reading “The Wonderful World of Succulents part 3”