How to Lay a Flagstone Path

Hello! In this post I’m going to show you how to lay a flagstone path whether you wanted to learn or not! First off, it’s proper to imagine that you’re starting with a weedy back yard that needs some serious taming. For lesson purposes, let’s imagine your yard looking something like this: The first thingContinue reading “How to Lay a Flagstone Path”

Desert Vegetable Garden

I used to want to be an urban farmer. Heck. I just told a lie. I still want to be an urban farmer, but the reality that I live in a desert has finally set in. (Water, Or The Lack Thereof) I always knew that water was a precious resource, but I figured a smallContinue reading “Desert Vegetable Garden”

Newest Acquisition

Pictured above is what a mature Cascalote (caesalpinia cacalaco) looks like. Pictured below is what my three-year-old Cascalote looks like now: And here’s what it looked like when I first planted it last year: One of the greatest joys of gardening is watching trees grow. I planted all of the trees in my yard asContinue reading “Newest Acquisition”