Caspar David Friedrich

Everyone has their favorite artist, some artist that they connect to in their heart. Some people adore Monet for his colors, some love Van Gogh for his vitality, and some might love Picasso just because they know of no other artist. For myself, it is Caspar David Friedrich whom I fell for because I amContinue reading “Caspar David Friedrich”

ode to museums

I enjoy museums because I enjoy history. I am a proponent of the maxim of “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it” (George Santayana) Every generation goes through very similar life cycles and so often the same mistakes get repeated albeit with updated flourishes. It’s interesting to recognize these patterns. WarsContinue reading “ode to museums”

The Trip That Never Was HIGHLIGHTS

So, the retrospective of the trip that never happened is complete. I had a fun virtual journey, so much so that I’ve decided to review all the days and pick out some highlights. Had I actually gone on this trip, these are the things I would probably most remember: 1- A nice little walk around WALDENContinue reading “The Trip That Never Was HIGHLIGHTS”