A samurai’s mind

It is known that samurais didn’t have a religion so much as they had a way of life. As practitioners of Zen Buddhism, samurais trained their minds just as rigorously as they trained their bodies and thoughts about religion were mostly restricted to lessons about how to not fear death. A samurai mind was trained to be a stoic one and it was the willful acceptance of death at any moment that gave the samurai incredible strength. Someone who was not afraid of dying was certainly someone many feared to reckon with, so it doesn’t take a stretch of imagination to put into perspective how powerful a samurai must have been. That being said, the mental capacity of the samurai warrior was not restricted to solely military concerns, for samurai warriors were groomed to be well-educated human beings. It was how the samurai was trained to think that greatly fascinates me. Only a samurai probably knew what the sound of one hand clapping makes.

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