Welcome to the Divided States of Kentucky

If we’re going back to the 1950s, then I want me some Elvis. No? You can’t give me any Elvis? Okay, then, give me those sweet 1950s home prices. No, you can’t give me that either? Okay, then, give me some of that sweet 1950s gas prices. No? That’s not possible? Well, then, what can you give me à la 1950s style? Backstreet abortions? Rampant racism? Extreme homophobia? Great! Just dish out the worst the 1950s can possibly give! That’s what I want for America!

Make no mistake, America is sliding backward faster than you can say, “double grande cappuccino with almond milk.” The fact that they put up barriers around the Supreme Court means that something bad is going down. To me, those barriers are very symbolic. America does need a barrier around the Supreme Court, but that barrier is placed on the wrong side. Those barriers need to be placed inside the court to act as the buffer between church and state. Those barriers will have absolutely no effect being placed on the outside. I say we immediately tear those barriers down and erect them across the conservative justice’s desks.

This guy needs a barrier across his desk. Justice Alito, wikimedia commons.

This is not a “pro-life” issue, this is an “anti-woman” situation. I can’t stress this sentence enough. If the leaked document holds true, then the Supreme Court has declared war upon half of this country.

As if fifty wars in this world wasn’t enough, we might very well be adding one more.

Published by Krista Marson

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