A Tale of Two Colors

Ukraine’s National Flag, public domain
Van Gogh’s “Wheatfield with Crows,” public domain

The similarity between Ukraine’s national flag and Van Gogh’s painting Wheatfield with Crows has been running through my mind. Both images speak volumes with two primary colors, and they both convey similar meanings. Wheat fields were one of Van Gogh’s favorite scenes to paint, for it was in those fields where he found his voice through color. It was also these same fields where Van Gogh met his demise, for his artistic life ended in fields of gold. I can’t help but to see the parallel between Ukraine’s flag and Van Gogh’s final painting. Both convey hope tinged with sadness. My only hope is that Ukraine doesn’t end like how Van Gogh did — dying in the fields that they loved.

Published by Krista Marson

Hi, my name is Krista, and I'm a traveling fiend. I am passionate about history, nature, art, gardening, writing, and watching movies. I created this blog to let people know I have some travel novels available to read. Enjoy!

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