Putin the Hun

Megalomania on Steroids

Putin has a lot of motives for doing what he’s doing, and all of them are self-serving. However, I can’t shake the feeling that this is more than just a power game, for this is about creating history. Putin’s in it for the long run because he wants to go down in history as “Putin the Great.” With his unbridled and unchecked power, he is on the road to “greatness,” but not as “Putin the Great,” but more like “Putin the Barbarian.” He is the modern-day Vandal, Visigoth, Ostrogoth, and Hun all wrapped up in one, with a dash of Hitler thrown in for good measure. The world might very well be in the throes of witnessing the modern Fall of Rome.

It numbs the mind how shocking Putin has gotten away with the things that he has for YEARS. Assassination (Boris Nemtsov), attempted assassination (Navalny), mysterious deaths (such as these), corruption (yup), cyber-hacking (we better watch out), cheating (political and otherwise), the list is literally endless. It is absolutely NO WONDER how emboldened and brazen he is now. He KNOWS that he’ll get away with adding imperialism to his list.

Putin is getting old, and he fears for his mortality, yet he’s looked the same since 1990, so maybe he’s immortal. Oh, that would be just great. Putin the Forever is NOT what the world needs. Maybe he’s a vampire, and he survives by sucking the lifeblood out of the earth. Putin the Vampire. Man, that wouldn’t even make for a good horror movie. Who wants to see him on the big screen when we can watch him terrorize us for real? He’s the real-life boogeyman if there ever was one. He’s the creature that hides under everyone’s bed.

So, what is the world to do about its Putin problem? There is only one solution and we ALL know what it is. We need to excise the cancer that he is. Putin is not Russia’s problem or Ukraine’s problem, he is the WORLD’S problem and we need to deal with him collectively. He is a tumor growing on all of our backs and chemo and radiation won’t be enough to cure us of him. We need surgical removal, but the world is acting like it doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the procedure.

Left alone, the Putin Cancer will metastasize and infect us all.

(article image is “the last of the dragons” by yumikrum, flickr)

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