September 11, indefinitely

For the last 19 years, a reading of every victim’s name that died during the 9/11 attacks is read aloud for remembrance.

It typically takes around three hours to read 3,000 names, and this year I wonder if there will be a similar remembrance for those who died so far of COVID-19. As I write this, 650,000 people have died in the US of that disease, and if all their names were to be read out loud, it would take 650 hours (or twenty-seven straight days and nights) to get through every single one of them.

Photo by Aaron Lee on Unsplash

As I write this, there is a debate over whether or not the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 is truly accurate. It almost doesn’t matter how many people have died or will die from COVID-19 because the actual numbers will never be recorded. COVID-19 has made us all feel expendable, and I know that if I die from it, no one will read my name out loud every year at some annual memorial. COVID-19 has rendered the dead anonymous, and society is being conditioned to think that we don’t need to know who any of those people were.

Someday, the virus will pass, and all those who died from the disease will pass along with it. The anonymous dead will decompose into the detritus of time. How much of their rotting remains will enrich the soil has yet to be determined. My only hope is that the voices of those who died of COVID-19 will someday be heard and that they will speak words that will move us to listen. The COVID-19 dead are this era’s war victims, all of them soldiers who essentially went to battle without any weapons.

Photo by Julietta Watson on Unsplash

Life went on after 9/11, and life will go on still after COVID-19. What that life will look like will ebb and flow like a river; sometimes it will be calm, and sometimes it will flood. Life is never constant, and change is the only thing that a person can reasonably expect. I know that there are some changes that I am openly rooting for, and most of the changes involve us working together to save the planet that we all call home.

The only way humans will go away is if we allow ourselves to be gone. However, I know that there are too many of us who want to stay here for quite a while longer.

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

Published by Krista Marson

Hi, my name is Krista, and I'm a traveling fiend. I am passionate about history, nature, art, gardening, writing, and watching movies. I created this blog to let people know I have some travel novels available to read. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “September 11, indefinitely

  1. Hi Krista, I enjoyed reading your blog. You have a pleasant way of expressing yourself. You also have an intriguing way of presenting humor: ‘The anonymous dead will decompose into the detritus of time. How much of their rotting remains will enrich the soil has yet to be determined.’

    Indeed, too many names to remember, so we may have to put our trust in the poets instead; nothing like a good poem … to make us feel at home.

    Love the notion of being deep in the woods with a mysterious… but a good cabin can provide the soul with sufficient solace. How the songs of solitude bring us back to our humanity again and again like baffled waves along a rocky seashore.

    Expect a visitation from me in the coming days. My spirit will arrive through a westerly wind. It will feel sobering as well as gentle along your skin. Wait patiently for your thoughts to subside. Then listen attentively to the birds in the distance. Follow the one that sounds most beautiful and be sure to bring your camera. Looking forward to communing with you then.

    Love & light,


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