Music Moods

I love music. Here is my collection of go-to’s to fit my moods. Most of the links are commercial-free and cost absolutely nothing.

Atmospheric. For when you need background noise for thinking.

Drone Zone (my number one go-to channel.)

Deep Space One

Space Station Soma

Sleep Radio


Hearts Of Space (need to sign up with email to listen to “this week’s show”)

Flow State (click on “let me read it first”)

Dinamo SLEEP (scroll down the channel list to locate it)

Livexlive Jeff Pearce (listen to short commercial, get 1 hour of uninterrupted music)

Steve Roach (click on any album-they are all good)



Andy Othling (go to “popular uploads” or “song sketches”)


Music Lab Space Drone

Space Youtube Space.1 Space.2 Space.3 Space.4


CHILL. For when you want upbeat sounds.

Groove Salad

Groove Salad Classic


Bitter Sweet

Upbeat. For when you want something fun, but not obnoxious.


Dinamo CAFFE

COVERS. For when you want something familiar, but not the same ‘ol shit.

Soma fm Covers

RADIO-eqsue: For when you want the radio, but better.

Left Coast 70’s

Underground 80’s

Folk Forward

Black Rock

Tiny Desk

soma fm Specials

soma fm Live

Music Mix Youtube

BBQ: For when you want to drink a beer and sit outside.

Poolside (takes a few seconds to load. Click on “poolside fm” or “mixtapes”)

Boot Liquor

Lounge: For when you want to drink a martini and sit inside.

Jazzy Youtube

TSF Jazz (Paris radio station)

Omelette du Fromage

CLEANING: For when you want something different to listen to when you have to do house chores.

Arctic Outpost

Nordic and Pagan: For when you’re feeling tribal.

Nordic Youtube

Ritual Ambient

CLAssical: For the rare mood when you want to feel sophisticated.

BBC In Tune

METAL. For when you want to head bang.

Metal Detector

Happy listening!

I’m always looking for new (commercial-free) stations to listen to! Feel free to add your favorites to the comments below. If they “meet the cut,” I will add them to the list!

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