Why Isn’t This All Over The News?

I don’t know. Maybe I’m not hearing much about this because the powers that be behind the media are saying that the toxic chemicals pouring into the environment are “safe.” Honestly, I don’t believe it. My gut is telling me there’s nothing “safe” about what is happening right now in Ohio, and I am tired of pretending that things are honky-dory over there.

There was a press conference about the situation earlier today, and to hear an Ohio EPA spokesperson say that the situation is no big deal because they are diluting the chemicals into the air made me so furious. I wanted to vomit when she said, “and the good news is…” when she mentioned that it was “only” a mile and a half of the waterways that were tragically polluted. Never mind that those waters host aquatic life and soak into the surrounding soil. Also, never mind that the chemicals get carried by the wind. Also, never mind that people might get cancer from this later in life. In fact, never mind any of this. Let’s gaslight the whole thing and pretend it never happened. There’s nothing to see here.

Oh, but there is something to see here. Lots, in fact. Let’s take a look at the railroad workers and contemplate the effects of them never getting any paid days off. Let’s take a peek at the reporter that was arrested for trying to ask questions. Let’s look at the train records and see if vinyl chloride was even listed as a hazardous material. Let’s stare at the CEOs and corporate executives that never get arrested when something terrible goes awry. Let’s…well, you get the picture. There’s quite a bit to see here, but the railroad executives and politicians would rather you look away.

Chickens and fish are dying, but, oh well, I guess. Supposedly that’s not a concern to those who decide what is concerning. I, however, think it’s a portent for more tragic things to come.

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