Song of the Week

Heilung – LIFA live

For the start of the month, I am presenting a HEILUNG concert. This band is so creative and unique. I love them. I’ve watched this video I don’t know how many times. “In order to connect to what was before,” says member Christopher Juul, “you have to disconnect from what is now.”

This is their Youtube channel.

suggestions from previous weeks:

Orville Peck, Dead of Night. Steve Lacy – Give You the World. decker. The Holy Ghost. songs:ohia – Cross the Road, Molina. Space Relax Channel – Deep Sleep and Meditation. Asaf Avidan – livestream. Sergei Polunin Dancer. Bruce Springsteen – My Father’s House.

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4 thoughts on “Song of the Week

  1. And, as amazing as that video is… It still does not compare to the live experience. I don’t say that lightly: I’ve seen many bands over the years and Heilung live is a whole different experience. The same can’t always be said about most bands, in my opinion.

    The energy is that much different.

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  2. I love them too! seeing them live would be absolutely awesome . I first came across them when I saw this video of Aurora and Wardruna Heilung came next via youtube algorithm 🙂

    My favorite Aurora track is The Seed

    She is a delightful human being, I have watched many interviews with her and she never fails to make me smile, and her performances are always something heart warming.

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