Blogging is a hobby for some people, but for others, it is a compulsion. Everyone who runs a blog has their own standards and expectations, and some people are laxer with themselves than certain others. I personally fall into the lax category, as I’m happy if I manage to write a little something once a week. If I fail to produce anything a certain week, I don’t attempt to make up for lost time and simply accept a blank spot where my weekly blog entry was supposed to be. 

I am a relatively new blogger. I logged my first blog entry on June 1st of this year, and I have a total of 18 blog entries to my name. For me, that’s a small achievement from having gone from 0 to 18 in about five months’ time, but for others, that wouldn’t even be worth boasting about. Being a newbie to WordPress, I excitedly signed up to receive updates from other bloggers that I liked on that site, and my in-box now fills with so many daily updates that I am starting to regret how enthusiastic I was. Yet, nothing is stopping me from finding new bloggers to follow, so I keep signing up to receive even more. There are so many original minds out there, and I cherish spending a small amount of time each day exposing myself to a myriad of new things. 

Now, there is one blogger out there that started blogging 2023 days ago and hasn’t missed a single day. His name is Christiaan van Gaal, and his blog is titled, “nochrisis.” His blog also has a subtitle “Amor fati,” and it sets the tone for all of his thoughts. Amor fati is a Latin phrase that may be translated as “love of one’s fate.” Historically, the phrase can be traced back to the Greek Stoic philosopher Epictetus. He believed that all external events were beyond our control and that we should accept whatever happens in life calmly and dispassionately. The phrase is also loosely associated with the Roman emperor and a Stoic philosopher, Marcus Aurelius; however, the concept is most associated today with the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Christiaan’s “nochrisis” blog is Rabbit Hole Into Everything Nietzsche: Nietzsche’s books, Nietzsche’s philosophy, Nietzsche’s letters, photos of Nietzsche, articles about Nietzsche, Nietzsche anything and everything. Before I came across his blog, I knew something about Nietzsche, but nothing to the extent that his blog taught me. Christiaan doesn’t limit his Nietzsche-ness to just his blog category on the philosopher, though, for Christiaan infuses Nietzsche into his own daily musings. 

Christiaan van Gaal is a Dutchman who currently lives in Norway, and dissecting his personal philosophies is a never-ending journey into a bottomless abyss. As I write this, he is currently on Day 2023 of blogging some sort of a daily musing. 2023 days breaks down to be five years and 54 days, which is a long time to continuously conjure up a significant thought. But, as Christiaan would be quick to tell you, his thoughts are not significant, for no one’s thoughts are. Thinking is an element of human nature, and all thoughts are just small snippets of who we are. To read Christiaan’s blog is to journey into all human minds as a collective whole. To live in the spirit of “Amor fati” is to see everything that happens in one’s life, including suffering and loss, as necessary.

I enjoy knowing that there are people out there who like to think. It’s way too easy to be told what to believe in these days, so I admire minds who prefer to buck the status quo. Writing is a lonely hobby, and writers often feel like they are screaming into the void. I’m writing this blog entry to let people know that I am listening. I encourage those of us who write to keep on writing. There are people out there who are listening to what you have to say.

I am always looking for new bloggers to follow! No topic is off the table for me. Please leave a comment and tell me who some of your favorite bloggers are!

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Published by Krista Marson

Hi, my name is Krista, and I'm a traveling fiend. I am passionate about history, nature, art, gardening, writing, and watching movies. I created this blog to let people know I have some travel novels available to read. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Camaraderie

  1. Krista, I am not a fan of reading content from people who write and post everyday. Even the greats write a lot of dandruff that way. For me it’s important to let your work air out so to speak and revise. As well as research what we declare. For instance Nietzsche was no atheist (Day 2025) and Epictetus had enormous influence over external events. Quality before quantity. Reading a dozen excellent authors will serve you better than reading any tom, dick and harry that blogs off the top of their head.

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  2. I personally enjoy Chuck Wendig’s and Mark Manson’s blogs, though their focus may be on their other writing pursuits in their life. Here on WordPress, I trawl the Reader often to stumble upon wonderful blogs like yours, and it’s great to come across older posts too. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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